SNP established the City’s first recognized Neighborhood Association in the Gateway Neighborhood, a neighborhood identified as one of the most troubled in the city. Crime went down, residents became enthusiastic and attended several neighborhood events, and the City increased investment. Bottom line, the quality of life has improved for residents in the Gateway Neighborhood.

The partnership between SNP and the City of Sheboygan has led to new investment in the Gateway Neighborhood, including over 75 residential and commercial facade improvements with total value of over $180,000, 83 new alley lighting fixtures and additional LED energy efficient street lighting. Plans have also been developed and a specific site chosen for the addition of a neighborhood green space, which will be maintained by the Gateway Neighborhood Association to reduce costs to the City.

The Police Department has assigned neighborhood officers to the Gateway Neighborhood, whose have shown their commitment to the neighborhood by participating in community meetings and events while creating a visible presence in public spaces. One result of this greater police presence is a 35% increase in traffic stops in the Gateway Neighborhood from 2009 to 2010, leading to a greater trust of the police and the belief that they are genuinely concerned about safety in this neighborhood. This has encouraged investment by business owners and residents.

SNP is currently facilitating the launching of various other neighborhood associations.