About Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride

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Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride (SNP) is a community resource empowering citizens to work together to improve their neighborhoods, reduce crime, and enhance the quality of life in the community.

We accomplish our mission by…

  • Empowering Community Members: Teaching skills to identify issues and create solutions
  • Identifying and developing local leadership to increase participation and generate enthusiasm in neighborhoods
  • Building Relationships: Acting as a liaison connecting people to available services and potential partners and helping them navigate the governmental process

Sheboygan is a community of safe and vibrant neighborhoods.

Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride was established in 2003 as an umbrella organization working with community groups and the city planning and police departments. As a grass-roots effort, SNP initially focused heavily on eliminating drug houses through a new community policing philosophy, then evolved to assist with developing neighborhood associations as a way to improve conditions in the neighborhoods and inspire a sense of ownership among residents.

Success Story
“As an out of town investor, we have found SNP to be a great central resource with the knowledge, partnerships, and influence to get things done. We were previously discouraged with the level of crime in Sheboygan in 2008 but have now begun to see a lot of positive things happening to turn that around. Through cooperative efforts of SNP, neighbors, businesses, nonprofit groups, churches and government, we have seen crime come down and quality of properties look better, attended some great neighborhood parties, and made some new friends in both the private and public sector. Things are looking so much more peaceful that we even invested in the heart of the Gateway Neighborhood at a premium return. Thanks SNP!” — A Gateway Landlord

The Need
Residents perceive that crime is a major problem in Sheboygan. Strong neighborhoods reduce crime (and the perception of crime), strengthen businesses and property values, and neighbors gain a sense of unity and purpose within their neighborhood. Grassroots activity is the best way to improve and support a neighborhood. We plan to create organizations that work from the bottom up, rather than top down.

How You Can Help 

  • Get to Know Your Neighbors! Sponsor a block party in your neighborhood to get to know people.
  • Get Active! Join a neighborhood association or start by identifying needed improvements.
  • Lend a Helping Hand! Offer to carpool, watch your neighbor’s house while on vacation, etc.
  • Look Out For Leaders! We need energetic people to lead more improvement efforts.
  • Contribute! We need new talents, areas of expertise and energy on our board.
  • Donations: Send donations to Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride, 1712 Sunnyside Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53081